If you have fantasized about a trail with a perfect base, which would, if possible, go along the seacoast which is sprinkled with small islands, and then to take you through a pine forest and even if you want a view of the islands of the Kornati Archipelago, you don’t have to think about going off to some exotic country, come to Pakoštane! It is a place known for good food, excellent festivals, singing groups, domestic atmosphere and especially hospitable hosts. So, after the race, enjoy the Pakoštane delicacies and festivals...


SLANA 24KM/300M+

Category Green covers the “highlights” of Pakoštane and its surroundings. Waiting for you will be a large number of beautiful trails that pass along the seacoast and pine forests with a view of the islands of the Kornati Archipelago and small islands located directly along the cost of Pakoštane. The race becomes a real sweet-salty adventure when going up to the Čelinka gazebo which offers a view of Pakoštane, Draga, Vrana, the coast and islands, and from the other side, a view of Vransko Lake...



Since sport and entertainment are not anticipated only for adults but also for children, along with the dm Blue & Green race for adults, there will also be a children's race called dm Mali Trk. Bring your youngest ones and have fun! Dm Mali Trk goes through a circle with a length of 500m in the centre of Pakoštane (on the waterfront). After the categories of dm Green & Blue start at 10:00, the participants of the children’s race dm Mali Trk, which starts at 10:15, slowly start preparing.



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